BananasWhat´s inside to be protected outside to make sure it arrives safely.

Special requirements demand special solutions.

The range of products offered by the SVD-Group are ideally suited to meet the packaging needs of each specific product. With a wide selection of classic paper sack packaging, SVD have been constantly proving their capability as packaging experts for bulk goods such as building materials, foodstuffs or chemicals, for more than 50 years. The packaging material itself consists of recyclable, reinforced sack paper that not only protects your product but also our common environment.


For low-germ and sterile filling of liquid and paste materials, Tesseraux, a member of the SVD Group, is the competent partner for flexible, plastic packaging. Tesseraux supplies a range of bag-in-box special packaging for foodstuffs. A flexible and liquid-proof internal lining, surrounded by a stable and stackable outer cover, guarantees not only maximum protection but also ideal utilization of storage capacity. In addition, the refill carton made of corrugated paper, as is the case with TECOTAINER, can also be attractively designed for advertising purposes.


The products supplied by the Liner Factory include, amongst others, side sealed bag, form-moulded inliners for use in Big Bags or Octabins and inliners for liquids such as beer or wine.


The Tecobag is a tried and tested transport and storage medium for liquid goods, such as milk, juice and wine. Besides the standard polyethylene designs, we also have a wide selection of barrier compounds that safeguard against steam and oxygen.


The benefits :

  • safe, reliable transportation
  • good storage capability
  • handy size
  • recyclable refills
  • economical

The Tecotainer consists of reinforced paper or laminated plastics with a thin coating of Polyethylene and represents the optimal solution for the packaging of high-viscosity liquid products. The inner cover is air and liquid-proof and specified to the bulk material it contains.

pinch top valve sack

The benefits of the pinch top sack from SVD:

  • first-class finish with no sharp edges
    to cause contamination of the material when the sacks are filled
  • barrier layers upon request
  • hermetic sealing
  • suitable for foodstuffs

Beer, fresh from the bulk carrier; that's a reality with the new beer storage tank system. To ensure that the storage tank complies with the highest hygienic standards, it is lined with an inliner from the Liner Factory prior to each filling, so that the beer remains fresh from the brewery to the glass.


Technical plastics for the processing industry in particular are protected by our bulk packaging from the Liner Factory against transport damage, contamination, humidity and oxygen.




Papersacks for building materials, food, feed
and chemical products

  • Valvesacks with outside-/ inside-/ thermovalve
  • Sacks for dangerous goods (UN-approved)
  • open-mouth Pinch-Bottom-Sack (with Alu-laminates or other laminates)
  • sewn round bottom sacks
  • Flat hexagonal bottom sacks
  • Open-mouth sewn flat- and gusseted sacks
  • Bio-refusebags and -sacks, compostable, with integrated string
  • bags and -sacks for deep frozen goods
  • sacks for sticky goods

Special packagings for bulk-goods, fluid and pasty filling goods as well as gases


Inliner for

  • cardboards (e.g. octabins)
  • beertanks
  • big-bags


  • cardboard-inliner from 2 to 20 Liter
    for pellets, powder, wine, cream, milk
  • cardboard-foil-packagings

Aseptic bags (presterilized)

  • from 2 to 2500 litres
  • lab-bags


  • vacuum-bags of PA/PE resp.. PE/PA/PE
  • tube-cuts, patterns
  • roundbottom-bags of PE, PA/PE resp. alu-laminates
  • 3-sides-sealed-bags and pouches of various laminates




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